Happy Post Office Day!

Jubilee and I are on our way to the post office this morning to mail off some Amazon orders. She’s become quite an expert at the post office routine. She gets to push the buttons to open the doors and asks to be lifted up to look in the glass cases where the current selection of stamps is housed. Jubilee frequently makes cards to send off to her grandparents and loves receiving happy mail as much as her crazy mama does! Today, we’re celebrating the US Postal Service because we love mail! Sending it, receiving it; it’s all good stuff. Everyday holds new promise in our mailbox. Thick brown envelopes, hand-written addresses, upside-down stamps…all potential clues that something awesome is about to be revealed. Even the dreaded bill is fun for Jubilee to unwrap. She doesn’t need to worry about the contents so why not let her enjoy the act of opening this mysterious piece of mail. It’s the small things in life that cause your glass to be half-full instead of half-empty. So we’re on a mission to embrace and celebrate the devil’s details. Get ready post office…we’re on our way!

Update: I just ran across this lovely blog post and simply had it with you: http://willows95988.typepad.com/tongue_cheek/2009/09/wwii-love-letters-found-at-the-brocante.html Thank you Corey Amaro of  Tongue in Cheek for sharing such a touching story.

stack of letters

Image belongs to Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek blog at Typepad


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