Little Things, Big Day – Part 2

I used to keep a list in one of my dozens of  journals of all ways I wanted to be like  or unlike my parents when I had kids someday. Now that I have a kid of my own, I find myself mentally reviewing that list to see how I’m doing as a parent. One of the things I told myself I’d do for my kids someday was to let them draw or paint on our sliding glass doors if we had any. I thought #1 – it would be a fun activity for a kid and was something I never got to do; #2 – it would keep people from walking into the door and birds from flying into it too (pretty funny considering I’ve never kept a window clean enough to fool anybody!); and #3 – I thought it would be pretty. So the other day when I saw a package of glass crayons at the store, I just knew I had to get them for Jubilee! She and our eldest cat, ManRay, had a wonderful time painting from the inside and swiping at the painting from the outside. And I was right…it IS pretty!

ManRay Painting

Jubilee and ManRay Making Art

Window Painting Day

Window Painting


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