Celebrating Animals, Autumn, and Apples!

Yesterday was a celebration of friends, animals, and apple cider doughnuts a la Royal Oak Apple Orchard! It was a lovely drive as autumn has already begun turning the leaves to neon shades of yellow and orange. Jubilee still squeals with delight whenever we see animals in their pastures from the car windows. Cows, goats, sheep, and a couple of donkeys were all cause for celebration as we made our way to the apple orchard. I love how Jubilee just lights up when she sees her friends even when she’s feeling a little under the weather. She is such a social creature! I watched happily as she played on the wooden handmade playgroup equipment, petted the animals, rode the kid-sized train, gulped down her apple cider and picked at her apple cider doughnut. Seeing my kid happy is always cause for celebration. It never gets old!

090809 IMG_5287

090809 IMG_5265

090809 IMG_5299


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