Corn Thievery

We have a thief. And this thief likes corn. In the middle of my wildflower (more like weed) garden sprouted two corn plants this year. Not sure exactly how it happened but it was probably somehow related to the corn mix I’ve been putting out for Scrappy, our tail-less squirrel pal, and his harem of willing wives. We were super excited about getting to unveil our two tiny ears of corn when the time was right but apparently our little thief had other plans, like filling his belly full of our home-grown goodies! Maybe the corn was never truly ours since it came from squirrel chow, in which case, the critters were simply eating what was rightfully theirs to begin with. Today we’ll celebrate feeding our favorite tail-less corn thief so he’ll live to seize another day and another golden opportunity.

091009 IMG_5339

091009 Scrappy


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