Happy Birthday, a Celebration…

Yesterday I celebrated my third anniversary of being a mama as my kiddo turned 3! Her birthday has replaced all other days as the most important 24 hours of my year. It was a life-changer, to say the least. My life changed the instant hers began, true, but it didn’t truly change until the moment she emerged into this great big crazy world of ours. Instantaneously, I felt love, passion, responsibility, protectiveness, and awe as I’d never experienced before. And so, it goes without saying, this one day of the year naturally holds extra special significance for me. It’s not as simple as celebrating my daughter’s birth. It’s much deeper than that. It’s a celebration of the moment I ceased to be a child myself; the moment I learned what absolute unconditional love meant; the moment I unveiled my greatest masterpiece; the moment that bonded me to dear hub for the rest of our days; the moment I discovered what caring was truly about. It was a moment full of promise and hope and love . I can’t imagine a more appropriate reason to celebrate, can you? So happy birthday to my little girl, who has taught me more in her three little years on earth than I ever could have learned on my own.


Before the storm: Tea party with homemade cupcakes and my childhood tea set.


After the storm





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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, a Celebration…

  1. Michelle Hansen

    This makes me want to have a baby! Or just come to the birthday party… The cupcakes look awesome and what girl wouldn’t want to go to that tea party.

    • Thanks Michelle! I think somewhere Martha Stewart is probably delighted that a little girl had the girliest birthday party imaginable. I just couldn’t help myself. And for the record, you SHOULD have a baby – it’d be so cute and hilarious! ;o)

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