Being a Living Canvas

Jubilee has a bit of a cold and, for some reason, it seems to have turned up her cuteness immeasurably. For instance, yesterday she wanted Daddy to put on “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” by asking for “Cheetah La Bang Bang.” We agree that it may have been prophetic in a way, leading us to believe it could very well be her future Burlesque name.

Ryan posted the following hilarity on Facebook this morning:

“So Jubilee enters the bedroom this morning with her arms filled with every stuffed cat in her room and in a voice reminiscent of an Italian street vendor proclaims “I got a lotta cats herrrrrrrrrre.””

And this:

“Jubes: Do you know where paint lives? Me: Where? Jubes: Ank-Ark-ika!”

Even her Aunt Joyce had something to say about her today. “You will get the full affect of Jubilee when you see her. [Her] facial expressions with her comments sometimes make you roll on the floor. Just yesterday, [I] had an extra yogurt parfait and told her she could take it home with her…and she just said, like she’s been saying it for years, “Oh, Ya Yo, how sweet, thank you!”

This morning, Jubilee, sitting at her little table in the kitchen and rubbing her tummy says in a very serious tone, “Something’s happening to me.” When I asked her what was happening to her she responded with “I think I’m growing.”

And this evening, I became her living canvas as she used my collarbone and shoulder as a fancy way to display her stickers. Her response to every affirmative answer I gave her today was, “Thanks, Mom. That will be won’derful!”

I think I love that kid. I think she’s won’derful!

Living Canvas


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