Happy Festivus to the Rest of Us!

I wish I had your address and an unlimited supply of stamps for I’d happily send each and every one of you one of my 2nd annual Festivus notes. If you’re anything like me, seeing a bit of happy snail mail mixed in with all those advertisements and bills would bring a smile to your face and that, my dear friend, is truly a gift to me. I wish I could see you in person, share a meal, a homemade cookie, a mug of marshmallowy hot chocolate, and a laugh with you. I wish we could sit in front of a roaring fire and watch the Macy’s Christmas Parade all snug as bugs while the snow falls gently outside. I wish you could know that you’re in my thoughts far more often than you ever hear from me. I wish you and yours all the happiness and good health in the world. I wish I was there with you or you were here with me. But since we’re not together this holiday season, please enjoy my little family’s 2009 Festivus greeting right here, sans any airing of our Festivus grievances! Festivus 2009-pdf


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One response to “Happy Festivus to the Rest of Us!

  1. Wendy Nastiuk

    I love Festivus! Have a great one.

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