Applesauce Sundaes

Since becoming a parent, I’ve found my calling as a magician. I regularly use sleight of hand, deceptive wording, and redirection to  convince my kiddo to do what I want her to do while allowing her to believe it was all her idea. Most recently, we fortuitously discovered the beauty of applesauce sundaes. Jubilee was insistent upon having an ice cream sundae for breakfast when, quick as lightning, I suggested a tasty (and far more nutritious) alternative…sure, a sundae but made of apples instead of ice cream. She took the bait. After adding a touch of whipped cream, some frozen blueberries, and a few sprinkles, we had her – hook, line, and sinker! This morning, she marched into the kitchen, gathered all the necessary ingredients, and assembled one all by herself.  My little girl is growing up and turning into a magician too! Happy sigh…


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One response to “Applesauce Sundaes

  1. Ryan

    At least it’s not made of playdough this time.

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