Celebrating a Sense of Wonder

Yesterday was a non-stop flurry of words as Jubilee shared her dinosaur tale with anyone and everyone who would listen. At her summer program, she was given a plaster egg, some goggles, and a hammer. While wearing the goggles, she pounded on the egg with the hammer until it broke open. And guess what was inside…a dinosaur! And there was a fossil left inside the plaster egg. Her story was much longer and enthusiastic and it was obvious that this was the most exciting and glorious discovery in all the land. Her teachers managed to spark Jubilee’s sense of wonder with their simple little project and for that I am eternally grateful. I only hope we are able to meet many, many more teachers throughout Jubilee’s lifetime as creative, thoughtful, and dedicated as these lovely ladies.

Jubilee's Hadrosaur & Fossil


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One response to “Celebrating a Sense of Wonder

  1. Jubilee's Dad

    That appear to be Jubilee’s *amarillo* hadrosaur.

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