Strawberry Fields Forever

Jubilee and I went strawberry picking this week, a first for both of us. It was invigorating to be outside on a beautiful summer day doing something so simple, so far removed from our everyday lives, as searching through rows and rows of low bushes for perfect little strawberries. It took me about a pound of strawberries into our adventure before I discovered the importance of having separate baskets. If we’d continued to share, I would’ve ended up paying for an empty five pound basket of already consumed strawberries. Despite the backbreaking task of stooping repeatedly for an hour or so on our quest to pick the most perfect berries, I think the look on Jubilee’s face made it all worthwhile. Simply priceless…don’t you agree? If only we could bottle this overt joy and share it with those who have forgotten what it feels like. It can’t be found in a paycheck, driven around the block,  or bought from a store. It’s all about the little things in life: growing your own vegetables, picking your own fruit, making your own bread and jam, holding hands with a wee one, watching the clouds roll by or fireflies dance about and light up the night sky. I’ll take that kind of pure joy any day.

Sweet Strawberry Girl


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  1. Jubilee's Dad

    That’s the pic of the week right there. I think you can see our little cherry growing in the sunlight.

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