Sun Tree

I imagine every parent has some “thing,” some milestone, lingering in the back of their minds that will signify their child’s normal or accelerated development. It might be walking or talking, throwing or catching a ball, using a spoon or a toilet, or, in our case, creating a representational illustration for the first time. (Have I ever mentioned that we’re creativity nerds? In our house, creativity is valued more than money.) After 3 1/2 years of scribbling and mixing all the paints together, our girl finally painted something with purpose and forethought! I feel so fortunate to have had the camera handy to document this momentous occasion. How many times do we get to witness a child doing something for the first time more than once? Allow me to present Jubilee caught in the act of painting a “Sun Tree.”

Little Artist Hard at Work

The Sun Tree


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One response to “Sun Tree

  1. Jubilee's Dad

    So much better than sun tea, that’s for sure.

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