Procrastinator Be Gone!

Christmas is upon us once again and I’m determined not to go broke this year. That means hitting the sales and getting the best deals by being an early bird. So I’ve already ordered my Christmas cards…before Thanksgiving!!! Gasp! Whatever happened to that young procrastinator I used to know so well? ;o)

Mod And Bright Holiday 5×7 folded card
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This year, I’m going to celebrate the season with thoughtful, meaningful, fun gifts from the heart. I’m thinking handmade or at the very least something that I purchase simply because I know in my heart of hearts that the recipient will love it as much as I loved giving it. I may be lousy at keeping in touch with loved ones throughout the year but I always and without fail send a holiday greeting. That’s why, despite my tradition of not doing any Christmas anything before Thanksgiving, I decided to order up our cards early this year. If you don’t receive one, please don’t be offended. It must be that we’re not friends…yet or I’ve lost your address or have the wrong address or…


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