Celebrating Communication

When Jubilee was born she communicated to us using sounds, mostly by crying and cooing. Before long the crying and cooing evolved into grunts and words and gesturing. Soon she was speaking like a champ. Then came the art. Bless her little art! She recently began making representational images that tickle her parents to death. I love seeing the whimsical creatures she creates, all eyes and hair and ears and chins! I should have known that writing would come snowballing right out of her after her super cute creatures were born yet it still surprises and delights me to no end when I see her working independently to learn to write her own name. It began by learning her first letter, J. Then came her misspelled name, J-U-B-I-O, a nickname she’ll probably have forever. Then came an improved spelling of her name, J-U-B-I-L-E-E-E! Kind of like sliding into home…Jubileeeeeeee! Wheeee! And from spelling aloud comes spelling on paper. I’m trying to remember all of these steps she makes to reach her goals. I want to remember how she used to be as well as what she’s become. I don’t ever want to take it for granted that I’ll remember how she used to make her J’s using three strokes, a straight line down, a hook, and a lid. That is why I save practically every piece of art Jubilee makes. I feel so blessed and honored to observe and document her journey through life. Maybe someday I’ll stop seeing little bits of beauty and wonder in everything she makes…but I hope not.







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