About Me

I’m Sally of Toot Sweet Sally. Sally, that’s me. When I was a kid, I won an essay contest for a composition I wrote about what patriotism means to me. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote but it involved coming up with something to represent each of the letters in the word patriotism. That technique became one of my favorites and is one I still use today. Sometimes old tricks are the best tricks. They become your favorite tools. I like to use my favorite tools along with brand new ones for a fresh approach to all things creative.

I remember baking the most amazing tiny cakes in my Easy Bake Oven. So easy, so exciting, so empowering, so delicious, so memorable and oh so much fun! The first time I baked bread (in a regular oven) I was proud beyond belief. It looked absolutely beautiful to my 10 year-old eyes and was hard as a rock! I still bake beautiful loaves of bread but now I use a bread maker so they’re almost always both edible AND delicious. And I bake, bake, bake to my heart’s content. I’m what I call a “few trick pony.” I make tons of yummies using just a few tried and true tricks.

What to do with all those yummies I make? Celebrate, that’s what! I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS loved parties and celebrations! I want to celebrate the ordinary, the mundane, anything, everything. Any excuse to throw a party is a-okay with me. So let the wild rumpus begin…

Love of cake began early!

My love of cake began early on!







2 responses to “About Me

  1. Cute! I love your blog, how adorable and fun fun fun.

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